Monday, 3 December 2012


so first up well done to everyone at the various masters this weekend, another strong showing from the dunn clan, and well done to tom for taking it out! im sure paw is off baking enough helf humble pie for the internet, and deservedly so too.
and of course we cant forget a congrats for charlie, whose shelves sag under the weight of 40k accolades. but 3rd time masters win is mean, good one. now stop all that round base shenanigans and come back to fantasy buddy, let everyone else have their game back ok?
last but not least is a congratulations to greg, who is now successfully and officially engaged to his longtime sweetheart judith. no more trying to make out with me greg, thems the rules :p

now, im glad they moved the final round of this campaign im in till the 15th, cos im still miles away from finishing my new waaghtillery. lol procrastinating. the lobbas about 85% done, hoping to get that cracked out tonight, along with the crushers. dd shouldnt take long, ive figured out a quicker way of doing that.
i think im 2nd equal going into the final round, with greg only a few points ahead, so i have to have em done by then for both the games and the painting comp.

also, despite - not yet finishing the slann, painting the rest of the lizos, or buying, converting, magnetizing and painting the new empire army ive acquired, and helping greg finish his tk, ive been putting next list/army through the wringer, what will probably be vc. kind of at the playtesting point with this list now, fine tuned it as much as i can theoretically:

vlord, red fury, asf, armour of 4++, ahw
necro l4, scroll

vamp, l2, forebidden lore: beasts, ha&s
wight king, ahw, ii

30 ghouls, ghast
20 zombs, m&s
20 zombs, m
20 zombs, m
5 wolves, champ
5 wolves, champ

35 gg, fc, banner of the barrows
6 crypt horrors
2 fellbats
2 fellbats

could prolly faff with the wolf champs, gotta keep it in core tho, on 610. yeah, i gave into red fury. just imagine savage beasts on the vlord. 9 s8 asf attacks with red fury, itd go through anything. mmm.
hell of a deathstar tho with vlord and wk in the gg, 900pts. im not normally a fan, but im tempted.

and now some shoddy photos of lizos:

thats the saurus skin colour scheme im going fer. heres as far as ive gotten with the slann too

just still building a shape with non permanent fun putty. making sure the dimensions and shape is right before i greenstuff it.

now, back to work!

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