Thursday, 13 December 2012

Its quiet.. too quiet...

some mad radio silence this week, but fiiiiiiiiiiinally finished sculpting the new waaghtillery for this weekend. some last minute shit, straight out of dave's playbook.
also started a band, so have been spending heaps of time on that, and playing guitar in general.
nonetheless, heres the step by step doom diver:

measured it out, built a rough frame, and used a bit of movement tray as the ramp

stage one didnt even take that long, compared to stage two, with the bungee cord

the heat in my room really effects how and how long it takes for the g/s to set. something ill need to factor into my future sculpting calibrations. regardless, was quite pleased with the result

and painted

the business end. bring on your knight bus fools

so thats the doom diver. the lobba was a bit more work. first i started with a blueprint

then built a frame out of sprue

and now we sculpt! here was the first hoon

quite happy with the woodgrain. then the finished result:

didnt quite have time to add a million tiny rivets, but i reckons its pretty passable. will be able to tell once i get them painted

and now its painted. like magic

voila. so there we have it. dont spend $90 on a rock lobba you suckers, make one yourself like i did. it was (kinda) easy lolol

so finals tomorrow for the soward of khaine, expect some batreps later in the weekend. fingers crossed for your favourite ex pat warboss, with any luck you'll see me brandishing the swoard of khaine itself. only 6 pts between 2 and 1st place at the mo, and im taking double trouble:

orc warboss, stubborn, 4++ armour, shield, +1 to hit swoard
orc l4, scroll, ii

blorc bsb, 4++, shield
sorc l1, head
blorc boss, fencers blades

5 spiders
33 boys, fc, shields
24 sorcbuns, fc, ahw

6 trolls
2x1 w chariot

2x lobba
2x dd
2x mangler
2x pumpers, s5, 4d6 m

not my usual list, but you people have driven me to this! hur hur. stay tuned...


  1. Nice work mate. I prefer the 4d6 move and no armour save spores on my PW now, really puts them at the top of opponents to kill list. Gives maglers a break. I actually had the thought of dropping the manglers altogether, then Mork punched me in the face, so I reconsidered.

  2. chur. i see your vibe, but reckoned it were too expensive an upgrade. maybe more valuable now in the mc/knight era. dont talk that crazy talk about dropping mangs, mang. i punch you in the face too. although mine did particularly little this weekend