Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Take it off tuesday: empire vs dwarves

so this was probably the quickest game of warhammer ive ever played. when greg plays with his dwarves, it usually takes longer to get to his and home again than it does to play, and this was no exception.
his list is 2 cannons, triple rune grudger, flame cannon and organ gun. and some dwarves. 2x25 warriors, some hammerers, no anvil at least, but 3x5 slayers and 3x giant slayers, or whatever. i took life, and the hierotitan on the bottom is a proxied capasus. dawn attack, greg goes first

his cannon nails one of mine, and greatswoards panic forwards. grudges hits knight bus, fail los for general, fail ward save. dead. great. takes a wound off other cannon

i rally, and cannon cant kill his organ gun. get throne of vines off

he then kills 15 halberds with a grudger

i muck about, kill his organ gun, capasus moves up and is cannoned in the face. i also foolishly leave knight bus in organ gun range

he promptly kills half of the knight bus, which panics, and also panics the halberds. joy

they rally, i cannon an organ gun, he kills my cannon, and the demis charge a slayer

more moving, another direct grudger hit, mounted wp dies

i hide, archers kill slayer and giant slayer, demis kill some more slayers, i lose by heaps. ah dwarves
i bet greg 5$ that this list will be a resub at cancon too, so we'll see. i guess it was my turn for bad luck after our last game at sowrd of khaine, but immensely frustrating nonetheless. lets hope greg gets past this dwarf phase of his.
hoping to get out to hampton for a game on sat, if the world doesnt end by then, so hopefully another batrep to come before chrimbus

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