Thursday, 6 December 2012

lizo vs tk: tower of russ

no, im not taking about the monolithic statue of russell crowe that dominates the melbourne skyline, im talking bout watchtower vs greg.
same ol lizo list vs same ol tk list. greg got the watchtower, i went first.

i move up, drop a kitty down the hole, shoot a couple horse archers

they charge my cammies, they kill a couple, then get wiped out but dont overrun far enough. he dickmoves his other horse archers in front of my coc. he gets double shots and i make a tonne of 2+ saves. lololol

rus go into the tower, coc fail stupidity - i need a gleaming pennant in there - skinks and sallies manage to wipe out one unit of horsies. i miasma the other kitty, but pit scatters off.

gregs chariot block ignore the blocking sally, charge into skinks and wipe em out. he continues to dickmove the coc, and the stalkers come up. you can see the three artillery dice there in the corner from his stalkers shooting attacks, what you cant see is its a 4 and two misfires. haha greg. his kitty goes into the tower, kills a few rus, takes a wound or two, and bounces back. hierotitan charges chammies, might have taken a wound or two with the stand and shoot, but it overruns into the skinks behind.

coc charge horsies, crumble em and reform to face stalkers. skinks and sallies line up the chariot block, and somehow halve em. whoop. miasma'd the kitty again.

i make a lot more 2+ as. poor greg. coc fail stupidity again, tg spazzrazor themselves and take out the kitty. couldnt overrun due to building.

greg kills more chaff, i kill his stalkers. he -1 s&t my rus and starts making a dent with shooting.

chariots clear up more chaff, down to 5 rus in the tower. greg shoot a billion shots at em

but theres still one left. lolol. his chariots clean up my coc, but i still manage to scrape it out by 100ish vps.go ben.

so i need to stop procrastinating now, and actually get this waaghtillery finished this weekend so i can paint em next week. sigh. progress to follow!

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