Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Wee men with big guns: woc vs dwarves

greg and i went out to hampton for a game before xmas, but found the club had closed for the holidays. so we went back to his house for a game instead. now i was groaning after the last game against gregs dwarves, where his warmachines gave me a jolly good tickling. he had a runelord and bsb with 2+ as, 3 something slayers, 3x5 regular slayers, 2x25 warriors, some hammerers, and longbeards. 2 cannons, 1 flaming, 2x pennie runed and 1x accuracy rune grudger, organ gun and lame cannon. battle line, and i go first

i move up, hellcannon fails rampage, he stops gateway. his first turn one cannon blows up, the other does 4 wounds to hellcannon. organ gun cant shoot for a turn. hooray!

i send wolves to block slayers, discman takes advantage of the gap between dwarf units and charges cannon. hc does a direct hit on the top warriors, and halves em. discman cant quite kill cannon

he kills me wolves, moves up. grudger kills h/c. discman kills cannon and faces organ gun. one unit of slayers overruns into marauders, who eventually kill the unit and the hero, but lose l1. oh well, no scroll or 3rd eye now lol

crushers smash through depleted warriors, and overrun into slayers. discman kills organ gun. i strip a rank of a dwarf block with a gateway.

his characters leave the unit and camp around the grudger. i throw discman in hastily against his bsb, but cant kill it. shoulda send him to the other side of the grudger and kilt it the following turn. anyway, over a couple turns discman gets rezd out from a flank charge from runelord and is off the table. crushers wipe out slayers and reform

off they go into the hammerers. kwar fail a charge into bottom unit, but kmar make it in the flank. fluff and run, with dwarves failing to catch. i throw some more wolves to the slayers

and then more bad luck for greg. he flees from kwar with pursing longbeards ( i think they were longbeards), but kwar roll an 11 and catch em. his other unengaged block flees from the twar, who flee off the board. twar redirect into hammerers. i win, but they stubbs

he throws his bsb in too, but thats rezd out. only the unit champ left locked in a challange at the end of the game, but a mighty convincing win to the woc!

i also bet greg $5 that his dwarf list would be a resub at cancon. yes, its got no anvil, but 5 warmachines, come on. anyway, hope to sculpt those crushers soon, then back to lizos. might also have some g/s pix for ya'll soon too

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