Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Nerd saturday

And what a nerd saturday indeed. first off a trip to some giant horrible mall's gw, for some skull crushers and casket. then onto hampton gaming club. real stoked to get down there and meet some top quality oz gamers, judging by the amount of oz etc dice on tables.
i ended up playing ben, and his skaven. no abomb! or grey seer, but he had a 500pt vermin lord, ppriest on furnace in a tonne of monks with reroll banner, couple med sized units of rats, big unit of stermin with 4++bsb, 8 jezzies in teh building, wlc, and 6 grunz, and some of those aformentioned kangaroo dice

he goes first, terrorbombs some dogs, scorches some trolls. i respond by h/cning his stermin and bsb off the table, and gatewaying the vlord down to 1 wound. dogs roadblock, and discman spies one of his favourite meals, wlcs.

vlord goes into trolls, and over 4 rounds, kills em all, while they cant get a spew on him. sigh. furnace smashes into kwar, then into dogs, then off the board, on one wound

discman takes care of wlc, then head over to engineers unit for some flame templatin'. twar bear take some magic and shooting, as per usual vs skaven lol

h/c misfires, eats all its crew. kmar jump in and out of the building. warshrine tries to block vlord from overunning into l4, but he does.

fortunately, he miscasts something, and while i charmed shield the hit, he doesnt and the vlord dies. phew. discman sends a rat unit fleeing with his bad breath

h/c gets a boxcar buff from w/s, charges furnace and takes the last wound before he dies, and thats about it

then greg and i played bftp at home. my same lizo list, gregs changed his list up, now with more horse archers, casket, and hierotitan. phooey

im basically going to abbreviate this game into a nec minute

i cant poison or pit anything, and greg is constantly dominant in the magic phase with casket+titan combo. and while my coc managed to get the drop on his chariots with a spazrazor, they all die with one chariot remaining which i pit. tg get shot and nibbled all game till a kitty charges em and kb's the slann. thats all she wrote really.

but yeah, great day, met some powerful new foes with sweet as looking armies, heres some of nicks lizo themed tks. i really like the titan conversion, basically a simple upright sphinx. and the steg looks mean as. and theres greg from hoodlings hole playing an equally nicely painted army. nice

and heres the crushers. oh god yes


  1. Those crushers look good. They look better than my Daemon ones.

  2. cheers. just need a 4th, and then will g/s them up, and send em back to nz for painting

  3. When i first read the Skaven report, I thought you faced 500 Verminlords!!!!

  4. i need 500 vermin lords. exactly, 500 vermin lords. its stat line isnt too frightening, (compared to other lord stuff out there) but it gave me the shits nonetheless