Saturday, 13 April 2013

Listy list lists: a full round up

off to an unsurprisingly warhammery related start to my unemployment, ive gone through all me army books and crunched new/refined lists for em all. apart from doc, because quite frankly; daemons=boo. too many lists for one man!

so for your persual - and also for me to have all my current lists in the same place lol- c&c away:

double trouble ong:

orc warboss, 4++ armour, shield, stubborn hat, sostriking
orc l4, iicon, oamulet

blorc big boss, bsb, 4++, cshield
sorc l1, shrunken head
blorc big boss, mr1 talisman, fear sword
gobbo big boss, la&s spear, dragonhelm

5 spiders
30 boys, fc, hw&s
24 sorcbuns, fc, ahw

2x1 troll
2x1 chariot
2x chukka

2x dd
2x lobba
2x mangler
2x p/w, s5, 4d6

so in an about face of the previous ong thinking, ive gone back to the 'more easy pts' approach, as it has both the potential to give away more, but also to take more from my opponent,
i love troll units, dont get me wrong, but sometimes they're a liability. plus it was the only way to free up pts to keep in the same direction. ive been back and forth about pumpers since the book came out, but after seeing how the key parts of this list perform now, i think they can fill a gap. and sorry sammy, im gonna stick with the s5. much better for soften up big units the sorcbuns wouldnt want to tangle with. chukkas i lol at usually, but what they hey. with all these dprinces and m/c about, why not. 
so there we have it, bar the pumps and chukkas its a list of my favourite things from the ong book, that just happen to fit into 2400.

next a couple lists you'll never really hear me talk about. the most hypothetical of the lot, given i dont own any and vc are prolly next for me. although in saying that, i do have ub versions, so you never know...


smaster, l4, 4++, scroll, iicon

bruiser, bsb, 4++ armour, relic blade
firebelly, hellheart, ahw

7 bulls, fc, ifists
7 guts, fc, boswiftness

3x tusks
6 meaters, harmour, 4x ahw - scout, stubborn
4 mfang, harmour, ifists, muso
5 belchers, muso


a lil bit of everthing. this was written not long after the book came out, and bar a few tweaks has stayed the same since. i think it has potential.


l4, erod

prince, 4++ armour, shield, flail
necrotect, oamulet, iicon
l2, light, scroll

30 archers, standard
14 archers, muso
13 archers, muso
5 horse archers
3 chariots

4 knights, fc
32 t/guard,fc
3 stalkers

skullapult, skulls of the foe

id never played against new tkings until i got to australia, and now thanks to greg ive played them a lot. while i think his 2xkitty/chariot block approach is probably better, i do like the prince&guard block pt sink. 

and heres some that youve already seen:


l4, motz, disc, cshield, 4++, scroll, +1 to hit sword, 3rd eye. bad breath

exalted, mot, eshield, 5++, fear sword
exalted, mon, steed, flail, shield, mr3, iicon, burning body

2x5 wolves, vanguard
16 kwarriors, muso & standard, flaming banner
15 twarrriors, full command, shields

9 knights, monurgle, full command, e/weapons, gleaming pennant

5 crushers, muso & standard, e/weapons, banner of swiftness

thats the foot version, theres a fast version too:

l4, motz, disc, dragonhelm, 4++, scroll, +1 to hit sword, 3rd eye. bad breath

exalted, mok, bsb, jugger, charmed shield, collar of khorne
exalted, mon, steed, flail, shield, mr3, iicon, burning body

3x5 wolves, vanguard
4x mon chariots

9 knights, monurgle, full command, e/weapons, gleaming pennant

5 crushers, muso & standard, e/weapons, banner of swiftness


gote, fparmour, s, bwhorse, fear sword, cocommand, 4++
l4, light, scroll

cote, bsb, fparmour, eshield, dawnstone
 wp, gw, ha, opal amulet, ii
wp, ha, bwhorse, cshield
wh, bop, potion of i

10 icks, fc, steel fanny
30 hals, fc
10 hand gunners
10 hand gunners

32 gs, fc, gleaming pennis
det 16 swordsmen



slann, +1 pd, loremaster light, ethereal, bsb, cupped hands, blood statuette

spriest, scroll
scar vet, la&eshield, burning blade, curse charm

2x11 skirmies
2x12 skirmies
23 rus,fc
24 skinks/3 krox skrox

2x4 terras
2x5 chammies

2x2 razzors

vlord, asf, red furry slippers, 4++armour, postrength, ahw
l4, scroll

necro, vamps, flamin' rod
2x bansheez

33 ghouls, ghast
2x20 zombies, muso & standard
3x5 wolves

30 gguard, fc, botbarrows, g/w
2x2 fellbats
6 hexes


crunch crunch crunch. i put 10 chaos knights together last night, so will be getting cracking on them and the final 2 crushers next. hopefully some wip soon

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  1. Ben

    Throw away the warboss and the BOrc crutch. Add more trolls and squigs. Oh wait then you'd be playing my list...not convincd it works but it is fun.

    Interesting that your VC is similar to mine as well. Well both running GGuard anyway; currently trying ghoul king but with horrors and engine rather than the hex's /gheist. I'm just not playing anyone with cannons and it's working well.

    WoC haven't brought the new book yet.

    Cheers Raymond