Monday, 3 February 2014

Shirts off nerd world tour + updates

top of the morning to ya'll

so, cancons over, and im loving unemployment! whats this world tour though? you ask.
well, ive been kind of set on going over to canada to see that lovable rogue dave meachen for a while, and so after 8 months of hard work at a call centre, ive got enough cash to do that and more. yep, australia pays that well my friends.
then i thought i might as well add some tournaments into the mix, and figuring i was unlikely to get 3 months off work, i resigned lol. but still, whats the world tour?

well its great and i cant wait. started with cancon, next up at the end of the month im over to nz for the nztc, and although we're not all playing lizo, you can expect shirts off up in your grill, combining into the team behemoth

really looking forward it, and to see the ol nerds back home, smashing skulls, taking greg's dark elves off so quickly that it sends his hat flying, and generally spreading the shirts off message.

after that, its back to australia for a week, then off to toronto for 3 weeks for a visit, and to look at setting up a north american franchise of shirts off warhammer. whoop! cant wait to trade the 30+ degree nights for some snow lol.
then a few days after i get there, dave and i are popping across the border to the us for crossroads gt! had to pull the im coming from oz card, but got the last ticket lol. bit of a worry there when dave was on the waiting list, but hes all signed up too, stoked!
after we get back to canada, daves locked us in for a local tourney there, apparently they play 1 day singles, and one day doubles games, which is gonna be awesome! then back home to find another job. sigh. but thats ages away now!

so there we go, some exciting international times for shirts off warhammer! now unless its just dave and the nsa, we have a number of viewers from the us and canada. i dont think we'll be in ny state for too much longer than crossroads, and not too sure where we're staying yet, but if anyone wants to get in touch and set up a game, you can find shirts off on fb so gizsa message ahl. ill be in canada from the 10-31/3, and the us maybe 14-17/3

as for updates, i figured i had 4 weeks between when i got back from cancon and monged out for a bit, to when i leave for nz. the plan is basically to polish off an army a week. now i tried that before with the empire and failed, but this time ive got 3 armies to finish, and most of it is done already.
first up, heres some more empire

and this is whats on the table for week 1. helping out our james by basecoating his shittily undercoated 15 silver helms + a rbt, then finishing off some de stuff for my crossroads list (so far) another 4 warlocks, 5 more driders, 6 exes and 7 witches. also picked up an arcane ruins and chapel to paint for the hq - thanks ryan!

good times. im glad to have queued up so much painting before i quit, so i dont need to buy anything else lol. helms are nearly ready to go back to james to finish as of now, just gotta finish a few things today then get cracking on the dark elves

next week we'll be getting stuck into some long neglected woc, then lizo after that. hopefully not too many hot days/nights (LOL) its the only thing that stops me from painting nonstop.
so stay tuned for more soon, and take your shirt off!


  1. I know it wasn't the point of the post - but what call centre were you working in?

    1. gidday Rob, was working at anz as a temp, part of their nfe team in home loans

    2. The joys of being a temp in a call centre... I did the same for nab a few years back.
      Not a lot of positive memories came from the experience but I ended up pursuing a career in credit management so I guess that's something.