Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Week of warriors + camberwell gaming

howdy pardners,

lots of lovely pics for ya'll today, got some updates from last week's week of warriors plus a one day tourney. unfortunately this week's week of lizardmen did not eventuate, but enough of that. also, pre-emptive apologies for any missing 'g' or 'h' in this post. my keyboard has developed a sense of humour.
So, am i ready to go for nztc on sat?

bring it on. cant wait to see the ol nerds and wreck some face. now i'm not one for predictions or any of that carry on, and obviously there are a lot of strong teams and lists, so it should be interesting. batreps around this time next week, but send your good vibes to shirts off warhammer this weekend fellas!

now first up, a few months ago i took stock of my woc chariots and thought id get some more, and finish converting an old one - sorry dave. so last week i finally got round to getting em done. first i nurgled em up a lil;

and painted em. one of the plastic ones has been magnetized so i can swap out for the gorebeast. all done bar the basing, which i planned on doing all of it at once later on.

and the whole fleet. am i now THAT guy? no, because i only have 4 core chariots. lololol

next up for some long overdue loving were the nurgle knights. im pretty sure i posted the greens a while back, but for continuities' sake;

a lil more muck that the chariots, but only cos theres a lot more flat armour space. now they are looking like:

not great photos, but ive got heaps to do today lol. they're various shades of green and muck, but most importantly - they're done.

 i spent a lot of time during the week sculpting my avatars of war corrupters. loooove the models, and nice and nurgley already. i wanted to add cloaks to keep em more in line with my other warriors, and the obligatory flames, tiny hats and muck, keeping in tradition with my other marked woc;

not fun to rank up. now all due credit to my better half, who has done all the painting on em thus far, along with helping on the drybrushing of the chariots.

so far just the basecoat + 1 layer of drybrushing. expect the finished unit shortly, cos i cant wait to paint em lol

didnt quite have enough time during the week to finish painting ol rotbeard the dprince, but hes not far away:

and that was week of warriors. still a few things to do, but have enough now to run a 2400 mono nurgle list, which despite being behind the curve a lil looks like fun. more on that soon

then on sunday, out to gw camberwell for a 2400 pt 1 dayer. i took it as an opportunity to practice with my nztc list, which now that the cat is out of the bag - i call the 'chaff flood';

orc warboss, stubborn hat, armour of 4++, sword of striking, shield
orc l4, scroll, ironcurse, 6+ regen

blorc bsb, 4++, charmed shield
sorc l1, shrunken head
blorc, mr1
gobbo big boss, gigantic spider, 2+/2++ vs flame, spear
gobbo big boss, gigantic spider, 2+/2++ vs flame, spear

5 spiders
29 boys, fc, hws
24 sorcbuns fc, ahw

3x1 troll
3x chukka
2x wolf chariot

2x manglers
2x dd
2x lobba

if you follow this blog, you know this ong list of mine, and you know the reasoning behind everything. if you dont: i love spiderbosses, people always underestimate em. 3 chukkas is usually a facepalm, but also a force multiplier. 24 is the optimum amount of savages unless you are going full deathstar, which im clearly not. spare blorc is a savage orc babysitter, with mr1. only thing that animositeez is the spiders, and who cares about em. enough chaff to dickmove a deathstar all game, lots of shooting, and a couple solid combat units to back it up.

as an aside, its funny to note all of the shirts off nztc team just took their regular lists, without any netlisting, matchup or meta consideration. just sayin. it just so happened that we naturally formed like voltron. whether that was the right move remains to be seen lol. anywho..

camberwell! 3 games, 2400 pts. missions were the usual, but the victory conditions were odd. 5pts for loss, 10 for draw, and a win by 150+ pts was a 15. the only way to get the 20 was additional conditions, getting an infantry unit somewhere - centre of board, enemies deployment, etc etc.
anyway my first game was bftp vs lizo. my opponent was more a 40k player and this game was unfortunately a bit of a roflstomp.
top to bottom, he had lord on carny, 10 cold ones, a couple single sallies, priest on engine, laserdon, med temple guard with bsb, 20 rus with spears, and a giant swarm of  unranked skinks with another priest

so heres turn 3. the carny got mangled and lord was shot. one priest got magicked off, the other shot along with his steg. one spiderboss beat and ran down the skinks, the other tangled with and beat sallies. cold ones are down to 4, and there was a little bit of a poo pants moment when my savages fluffed against his halved tg but held and ground em out eventually

 i kill the cold ones and lose a warmachine or two. spiderbosses gang up on laserdon and run it down. that laserdon btw, could only roll 6's for its laser, and was vapourising trolls at an alarming rate lol

 trukk goes into saurus as sorcs kill tg to a man. beat the rus but dont catch, they reform and i charge again

end up with a 20 for getting the trukk into his deployment zone. terrible match up for my opponent, and im crossing my fingers, hoping not to play the jerk, grandpa ivan, or either of the epidemius lists

but i can only get so lucky, and was against an epi list. not daemonovskis awful list, but filth nonetheless.
can i just take a moment here to point out just how much i hate special characters. spoiler alerts aside, i think they are a crutch, and obviously the power level varies between them, there are a number that should never be seen at a tournament. in saying that this was a no comp gw tourney, but nevertheless, i am not a fan, and never use em. you could try and argue that it is 'fluffy' to take epi in a mono nurgle army, but youd be arguing against a wall of boo's and rotten fruit.

anywho, he has 3 units of 21 bearers, 3 flies, 6 beasts, 3 snotties, bsb on palanquin, epi, a couple single beasts, and big papa, who was only a l1. meaty engagement, and although i go first, i have 5/7 warmachines off the board. ffs.  heres a photo of my opponents t1 where not much happens apart from epi and a unit coming in on the top right

despite the bad luck for deployment, my dice swing back in a big way. im not sure if my opponent was confident, or wasnt familiar with manglers, but puts his bearers, a single beast, flies and big papa in a lovely line, and i mangle appropriately, killing the beast, putting a couple wounds on papa, killing 2/3 flies and a rank of bearers. then i proceed to shoot off papa, with a chukka of all things finishing him off. i throw chaff into a bearer unit and eventually kill it

bit of a gap here sorry, but yeah, dice swing the other way now. i pick up the bearers and flies,  but savages are beaten and run down by bsb unit of bearers. i foot and shoot the bejeezus out of epi, and leave him on one wound with two bearers left in the unit lol, but despite having 3 opportunities to kill him, each time he makes his fucking rerollable ward save and eventually moves too close to shoot.
beasts make it into the trukk and grind it out, but the stubborn boss saving the day kill he gets fucking killing blowed. grr

ends up a 15-5 as he didnt hold the centre line at the end of the game. that would have been a cakewalk if it werent for epidemius sitting in the corner, and i spit on the floor at his name.

last game was dawn attack against vc on the same table. left to right hes got skellies, zombos, ghouls, baby vamp on hellsteed, horde of gg with wight bsb, 5 blood knights with blood keep banner and blender lord, zombos, skellies with l2, and 5 hexes. i go first, and shoot of the mounted vamp

hexes cause me no end of grief, killing both manglers. i made an error sending spiderbosses to solo small zombo and skelly units, when i should have sent them both into flaming gg. didnt realise they were flaming till half way through. basically from here it was me killing blood knights, and my opponent trying to raise em.

i eventually shoot off the unit and get the lord to two wounds twice, but frustratingly cant kill him. keeps him out of combat though at least. gg end up killing all the trukk bar the characters, and savages get enough res from a flank charge into hexes to pop em

ends up about 100 pts up to my opponent, but a draw overall. frustrating given that it was a very good matchup for me, and those spiderbosses should have won me the game. but a good game and a great opponent.

ended up midfield in the end, but my heart really goes out to granpa ivan, who not only had the suffer the ignominy of attended a tourney at gw, but also didnt place. chin up abuelo.

so there we go. now i gotta go pack and order a cab to the airport tomorrow morning. stay tuned for some nztc write ups next!


  1. Your Nurgle stuff is really coming together. But yeah, 4 or 5 core chariots... You're kinda still That Guy. :P

  2. yeah, theres no arguing that ay lol

    1. My initial list for Joel-fest 2014 only had 1 stank, but now that your "That Guy" 2 stanks might be able to sneak in under ther radar...

      Looking forward to catching up over the weekend!