Thursday, 20 February 2014

Shirts off dark elves

hola gang,

lots of gaming and hobbying lately, as youd expect from an unemployed nerd such as myself.  its still been dark elf focussed, trying to hone in on what i want to take to crossroads. nztc next weekend though, so will be dusting off the ong between then and now. first up today, i made greg a dark peg

the only varghiest wings i had left were the windmilling ones, but i thought it came out ok. better than the one i made for myself anyway lol. magnetised the rider on,

and gave it a giant cock, cos i know how much greg loves em. s5 impact hit!
then i was up really late the other weekend, plotting over de lists, and was like ill get a cauldron, thats what i need, so as if by magic the next afternoon i came to, on the tram home with one in my bag. warhammer blackouts. a day or two later its nearly painted and ive got some snacks

hags magnetised on the top, still got a bit of work on the crew and highlights and stuff, but was eager to get it on the battlefield asap to see if my frenzied 6am scribblings were correct. i played against nicks woc, and got a charge onto his 6 crushers with 30 ap welves, and hag on top with ogre blade and rune of khaine. also got a soulblight off. heres what it looked like after combat

so they can murder crushers, but how bout 18 nurgle warriors, a khorne dprince, chim, mounted bsb, and two flavours of woc chariot? nec minute

no, they cannot. who'da thunk it. next i scribble some awful 2k uncomped delves for a 1 dayer in melton last weekeend. i took:
l4 death on steed
lord with cloak and lance on steed
master bsb on steed
master on steed with ring
l1 metal
2x8 driders
10 flaming bows
5 harpies
4 rbts
2x5 warlocks

you know the one. first up was dawn attack vs aarons woc. fire l3 on steed, unkillable bsb on disc, throgg as the general, 17 trolls, 6 hounds, 4 crushers and 2 gorebeasts. I was rubbing my hands with delight until I didn't roll purple sun or a double. Ruh roh! i set up first heavily on the left while he goes in the right lol. i go first and we look like this

got the l4 and bsb in one unit of driders, lord and master in the other. get a couple wounds on a gorebeast. he annihilates the l4 bunker with a fireball, and they hop into a unit of warlocks. i was able to get a 10" charge into the flank of crushers with lords unit, killing one and a bit, and chasing them down into the l3, not the trolls lol. i kill the gorebeast on my left and spirit leech a wound off throgg this turn i think

his bsb kills a rbt, the other gorebeast makes a boxcar charge into another and overruns into warlocks off on the right. does 1 wound, i hold, and kill it it his turn. they go onto charge bsb in rear and although they do die, it pins him for long enough. i beat the l3 but dont kill him, and dont overrun. i get doom and darkness on trolls and swift reform unit to get him next round. harpies had tried to push him off the board but he didnt quite flee far enough

 my lords unit comes into his bsb, along with my bsb for the scr. i get a doom and darkness, and chase him down. everything stays out the way of the trolls

to further rub it in i bjuna throgg, roll an 11, and kill him. what a dick

end up 19-1 to me, pretty happy with that without purple sun lol

next up against dans ong. blood and glory, and hes got 20 blorcs, a lobba and ddiver, 37 savage big uns with warboss and l4, gobbo bunker with bsb, aracnarok and boar chariot. i got first and yes, i did roll purple sun.

we trade scrolls t1 and his ddiver handily blows up. t2 i sneak both units of driders up, the one on the left holding all my mounted characters. i cocked up the driders on the right, allowing his rok to see em, but figured i could afford to lose those pts so long as it kept the rok distracted.
i steadily took wounds off it with rbts and searing dooms. this phase was all about the purple sun though, going through all his savages and killing half, along with the l4. i go to caress his bsb after with my new magic phase and fail. oh well lol. shoot off the chariot though

here my opponent goes for the driders with the rok but fortunately it stays on the board to shoot lol. he spins his orc units to face the other driders and tries to cover their escape route, while the lobba scatters

i have no plans to escape, instead i charge his gobbo bunker and send the harpies after lobba. i cheekily fart a purple sun through the reformed savages and blorcs, and although i kill the warboss and most the savages, my l4 promptly rolls a 6 and dies lololol. however the new magic phase allows the warlocks to blast off the last savages. the dreadlord murders the gobbo bunker and reforms, leaving em to run off the board

 i dance around out of los of blorcs and rok, and shoot and magic both off eventually

ends up being a 20-0 to me, putting me in the lead into the 3rd round, much to ivans disbelief.

next round... oh the next round. facing off against daemonovskis doc, chocka block full of beasts, drones, and epidemius. i did roll purple sun though, and nick goes first for bftp

t1, he if's a final trans on the bunker, and not only kills my bsb and a few driders, but also my l4. i hate casino dice. so, i basically lose right here without the death magic. why not split up the characters you ask? well the other spell he had was gateway, and i only had the one magic res.

with a heavy heart and watery eyes, i charge what i could and got slapped around, calling it in t3 and giving him the 20. stupid dice

last round was vs james' empire. behind the building hes got 11 inner circle knights with bsb, then halberd block with two detachments of archers, in the halberds hes got a l4 on light along with two l1's and a whunter. then theres the walter, stank, 3 demis and a cannon.
he goes first and does a wound on a rbt. i respond by charging warlocks into bunker and searing dooming off half of his knights. warlocks kill both l1's and do a wound on l4 and whunter.

he magics off my xbow bunker and kills a rbt. warlocks die without killing l4, but he does take another wound, leaving 1 left. i dickmove the harpies and shuffle around, shooting knights. cannon blows up at some point too

stank comes through the woods and takes 5 wounds lololol. demis kill harpies and warlocks get into flank, winning, but demis are steadfast and hold. i take the bait and send lords unit into stank, doing a wound or two. i if a spirit leech and kill l4, and cascade my own l4 lol,

missed a few key things here, it looks like models have been turned to dice lol. from left to right i get a flank shot on knights, killing bsb and polishing off the unit. in the centre the walter charges in the support stank, takes 3 wounds from forest lololol, and breaks and runs while stank is still alive.  also
before the l4 dies, she throws a purple sun through all 3 characters, stank and walter, and everything passes its tests lolol
 he rallies the walter same turn i finally grind the stank out with just 3 characters left, and turn to charge walter who flees 3" and gets caught last turn
4 warlocks vs 3 demis, lox all die, leave 1 wounded demi left at the end of the game that i cant seem to shoot

ends up 11-9 my way in the end, hell of a game with lots of swings both ways

so in the end i finish 4/14 i think, well done to the shirts off boys who attended, ivan coming first, nick coming second - boo - and johannes in 5th. good times, and perhaps the result i needed to make up my mind about crossroads lists.

so coming up next some woc progress, wrapping up this week's week of nurgle. taking the ong for a practice at a gw tourney on sun so will have more batreps and progress shortly. for now, stay tuned and take your shirt off!

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