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A very brief 13,000

gidday gang,

so first up, well done to the kiwis at the etc, who cares where we placed at the end, we beat the aussies! great job in particular to our lot over there

now whats all this brief 13,00 business? well, 12,800 pts to be exact, woc vs empire. i thought itd be fun to get all the woc out and add it up for the first time in ages, and it came to 6400pts. idea was it was to celebrate getting it all painted (or close enough). i used literally everything i had, bar one wizard.

i challenged von daemonovski to bring a similar amount of painted empire, and we're rolling. whacked another board on for a 9 foot length, and threw 6 playing cards face down, worth 100-600 pts each

my list was

Chaos Lord: Ogre Blade; Talisman of Preservation; Enchanted Shield; Flaming Breath; Third Eye of Tzeentch; Mark of Tzeentch; Disc of Tzeentch 380
Daemon Prince: Soul Feeder; Sword of Striking; Charmed Shield; Dragonbane Gem; Level 4 Wizard; Lore of Death; Chaos armour; Daemonic Flight; Daemon of Nurgle 480
Chaos Lord: Helm of Many Eyes; Dawnstone; Daemonblade; shield; Mark of Tzeentch 325

Exalted Hero: Armour of Destiny; Scaled Skin; Mark of Tzeentch; great weapon; Battle Standard; Daemonic Mount (barding) 271
Chaos Sorceror: Dispel Scroll; Level 2 Wizard; Lore of Metal 170
Chaos Sorceror: Chaos Familiar; Level 2 Wizard; Lore of Tzeentch; Mark of Tzeentch 185

Chaos Chariot: Mark of Nurgle 125
Chaos Chariot: Mark of Nurgle 125
Chaos Chariot: Mark of Nurgle 125
Chaos Chariot: Mark of Nurgle 125
5 Chaos Warhounds: Vanguard 40
5 Chaos Warhounds: Vanguard 40
5 Chaos Warhounds: Vanguard 40
16 Forsaken: Mark of Khorne 336
18 Chaos Warriors: Standard of Discipline; Mark of Tzeentch; shield; Aspiring Champion; musician; standard bearer 351
24 Chaos Marauders: Mark of Khorne; flails 240
18 Chaos Warriors: Mark of Khorne; halberds; musician; standard bearer 362

Chimera: Flaming Breath; Regenerating Flesh 275
Chimera: Flaming Breath; Regenerating Flesh 275
Gorebeast Chariot: Mark of Nurgle 140
Chaos Warshrine: Mark of Tzeentch 135
18 Chosen: Mark of Nurgle; shields; halberds; Chosen Champion; musician; standard bearer 480
10 Chaos Knights: Lichebone Pennant; Mark of Nurgle; ensorcelled weapons; musician; standard bearer 485

Chaos Giant 200
3 Skullcrushers of Khorne: ensorcelled weapons; musician 244
3 Skullcrushers of Khorne: ensorcelled weapons; musician 244
Hellcannon 210

6,408 points 

vs the empire's:

Grand Master: Runefang; Charmed Shield; Luckstone; Potion of Speed 255
Arch Lector: Van Horstmann's Speculum; Talisman of Preservation; heavy armour; shield 193
The War Altar of Sigmar 150
Battle Wizard Lord: Sceptre of Stability; Level 4 Wizard; Lore of Light 215
Battle Wizard Lord: Obsidian Lodestone; Earthing Rod; Level 4 Wizard; Lore of Life; Warhorse 288
Battle Wizard Lord: Dispel Scroll; Level 4 Wizard; Lore of Beasts; Warhorse 243

Captain of the Empire: Dawnstone; The Other Trickster's Shard; great weapon; full plate armour; Battle Standard; Warhorse (barding) 153
Captain of the Empire: Helm of the Skavenslayer; Sword of Striking; full plate armour; shield; Imperial Pegasus 143
Captain of the Empire: Enchanted Shield; full plate armour; shield; Imperial Pegasus 118
Warrior Priest: Crown of Command; heavy armour; shield; Warhorse 116
Master Engineer 65
Master Engineer 65
Warrior Priest 65
Warrior Priest 65
Witch Hunter 50
Battle Wizard: Lore of Light 65
Battle Wizard: Lore of Light 65
Battle Wizard: Lore of Light 65

22 Inner Circle Knights: Inner Circle Preceptor; musician; standard bearer (Standard of Discipline) 595
75 Halberdiers: Sergeant 460
25 Swordsmen 175
10 Archers 70
10 Archers 70
10 Handgunners 90
10 Handgunners 90
5 Empire Knights 110
5 Empire Knights 110

5 Demigryph Knights: Inner Circle Preceptor 300
4 Demigryph Knights: Inner Circle Preceptor 242
Great Cannon 120
Great Cannon 120
5 Outriders 105
35 Greatswords: Count's Champion; musician; standard bearer (Gleaming Pennant) 420
Mortar 100

Steam Tank 250
Steam Tank 250
Luminark of Hysh 120
Celestial Hurricanum 130
Helblaster Volley Gun 120

6,426 points

heres my spells:

note no gateway or treason. gulp. heres the empires million spells

getting all the good uns. nice. we alternated deployment, and it looked like this

and i get the first turn. heres what weve got going on

chosen unit here with daemonblade lord rolled +1 attack pregame, before i learnt you can actually throw 4 dice at it if the shrine is in range. note the empire wizard bunker behind the hellblaster. if only i can get to it

so a pretty daunting proposition. i move up to strike next turn in the centre with disclord, giant ben, and a chim. get a final trans onto the big knight unit but miss all the characters and only kill 5 knights

i try for a purple sun from ol rotbeard, but it falls short

in return, giant ben is hellblastered, then cannoned to death. chim is shems off. disclord surives two banishments with no wounds, but rolls a 2 for his ward vs a cannon shot and dies. other than that, not much moving from the empire.

heres what it looks like at the end of my 2, where not much happens, other than i push the remainder forward. rotbeard leaps out for a big psun, but fails an if and gets scrolled

turn 2, and more magic and shooting from the empire, rotbeard is banished off, chariots die to cannon shots, and theres some chaffing

gets a boosted savage beasts too

but leaves a tasty flank here. khorne warriors lose 12 to a hellblaster

my 3 we get some charges going with whats left. chariots into demis, crushers into stank, warriors into knights.

chosen and chim set up in the centre, waiting for savage beasts to go away

chariots and crushers grind for a while, but warriors win against knights by combat res, and send em fleeing on an epic angle off the board through his luminark and hurricanum

both of which panic of the board. yeah! take that. in the empire turn i eventually lose the chariots and crushers, and ofc the warriors, after a stank runs em over.

knights back up, and last chim gets shemzd

here the cannons continue to take wounds off the hellcannon

bit of a shit show really now, but the forsaken get into a halberd block, killing blow all the characters, and then die too.

knights get stuck on some swordsmen, and then all die once the stank somehow gets in

knights fail into chosen

chosen make it in and kill a handful

but then lose and get run down later

here you can see ive some marauders in a building, along with tz warriors and a bsb left, along with my warshrine. oh dear.

so that went about as well as i thought it would after i saw the empire list, but there you go. didnt need all those state troops after all lol.

it wasnt long before i was demanding a rematch, turns out i have more dark elves than i do woc, so keep your eyes peeled for a 15000 game soon.

other than that, been keeping a pretty low gaming profile, next tourney isnt till axemaster, and im still deciding on a list. been slowly but surely getting through basecoating those high elves,

still a bit of gold to do, but still treating it as a buffet and working on silver helms atm.
so there we have it, stay tuned for more soon!

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