Sunday, 27 July 2014

Shirts off hobby update

good afternoon internet,

so not much from shirts off lately, but like usual, lotsa nerding been going on. just a quick one today. after faceoff, i took a break from tournies for a lil while, retreating back to my dank lair to plot. had a crack with the vc, played about ten games with a no blord l4 death before switching to the knight bus for a couple games. we'll see how that goes.
then i wrote a particularly salty woc list that excelled in killing elves. it was not a friendly list, even if you werent an elf. expect to see more of that soon.
then switched back to the dark elves. been trying something a little different in preparation for an upcoming 2600 pt tourny using scgt, and definately enjoying it. more on that later.

but mainly, ive been painting. finished a luminark

 and another wizard. so much empire.

 then some close ups of the fiiiiinally finished lizo. took way too long to paint these huh sam?

 no such thing as an empty crafts desk here, next up for me is a tonne of high elves to paint!

so hopefully get some more batreps up soon while im painting through those high elves, so stay tuned, and take your shirt off!


  1. I'm not surprised the Lizardmen took a while to paint. That is a lot of models - especially Skinks! Great work.

    1. cheers! all with a little help from the better half too. good times