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Batreps, lists and painting - oh my

gidday fam,

still quiet on the blogging front, but loadsa nerding to be had.
first up, some progress. slogging away at the helves, not even half way done basecoating sigh. should have had more done by now, but hit the wall when it came to painting silver helms silver. and dont get me started on the reavers, i already painted 15 of those when i was in canada lol

 on the plus side, it gave me a guilt free reason to crack out the new 100$ airbrush from aldis. still pretty new to airbrushing, but loving the results so far

 just gotta go do all the highlights now, but looking forward to airbrushing again when the helves are done. or maybe just to finish ol green the chimera first

next up, lists. so now that rumble is over, so is this all 2000 pts business. bleugh.
axemaster is next, in the weekend, 2600 pts using modified scgt comp. now dont let the lack of batreps on the blog lately fool you, ive been playing a shiiiit tonne of 2600 games over the last few weeks. trying to iron out a list, and have cycled through not only 4 different armies trying to appease the comp gods, but also at least 10 generations of lists for the army i settled on in the end. starting with a comp 9 delf list, eventually i was talked down to a comp 2 woc list. and here it is!

Chaos Lord [210]
+ Talisman of Preservation [45]
+ Crown of Command [35]
+ Dragonhelm [10]
+ Flaming Breath [30]
+ Soul Feeder [10]
+ great weapon [8]
+ shield [5]
+ Mark of Tzeentch [10]
+ Disc of Tzeentch [30]
= 393

Exalted Hero [110]
+ Armour of Destiny [50]
+ Scaled Skin [20]
+ Mark of Tzeentch [10]
+ great weapon [6]
+ Battle Standard [25]
+ Daemonic Mount [35]
  + barding [15]
= 271
Chaos Sorceror [110]
+ Chaos Familiar [25]
+ Level 2 Wizard [35]
+ Mark of Tzeentch [15]
= 185
Chaos Sorceror [110]
+ Dispel Scroll [25]
+ Lore of Metal
= 135

17 Chaos Warriors [238]
+ Gleaming Pennant [5]
+ Mark of Tzeentch [34]
+ shield [17]
+ Aspiring Champion [10]
+ musician [10]
+ standard bearer [10]
= 324
Chaos Chariot [110]
+ Mark of Nurgle [15]
= 125
Chaos Chariot [110]
+ Mark of Nurgle [15]
= 125
5 Chaos Warhounds [30]
+ Vanguard [10]
= 40
5 Chaos Warhounds [30]
+ Vanguard [10]
= 40

Chimera [230]
+ Flaming Breath [30]
+ Regenerating Flesh [15]
= 275
Chimera [230]
+ Flaming Breath [30]
+ Regenerating Flesh [15]
= 275

= 210
Chaos Giant
= 200

2,598 points

good times. the 3++ great weapon gang!

at least with no panel comp theres no risk of taking a knife to a gunfight. and in the end it seems like a good decision, theres a lovely set of graphs over on wargamer thatll prove that point lol


had mixed results in the testing games, so as ever, we'll see how it goes.

and finally, some actual batreps! went out to a lil 2k rumble warm up in melton a few weeks ago, and while not being a fan of 2k, i had the itch. it was no comp, but i  took the opportunity to dust of the ong and took:

warboss, stubborn, 4++, sostriking
l4, scroll

blorc bsb, 4++
l1, shrunken head
2x spider bosses

5 spiders
some boys
some savage big uns

couple wolf chariots
8 trolls
a troll


so the usual, but actually using a block of trolls for the first time in ages. nothing too shooty.
game one and im facing that rascally james brett, and some awful delves. hes got morathi, cloaky pegman bsb, driders, warlocks, flaming xbows, gw shades and bolties. you know the one. meeting engagement and i go first, but l1 and single troll stay in reserve, as do his warlocks.

i move up and foot the drider bus, doing a wound to morathi and a couple driders

here is james's turn. running low on photos. wonder why

well, in short; I get utterly thrashed. Savages get word of pained and get smashed through. Trukk dies to something. He farts a purple sun, morathi takes another wound. Kills 4 trolls and cloakypegman. I lobba out his bsb late game, and warboss kills morathi.

so in the end i killed his characters and lost most my stuff. ends up a 17-3. at least its 4 games today.

next up was the only other greenskins army there, also fielded by a ben. except whereas i hard only the necessary goblins, he had all the goblins. skarsnik, bsb with sodiscipline, couple gobbo l2's, possibly some big bosses, 2 units of 50 night gobbos with all the bits, 18ish and 15ish squigs, small unit of hoppers with a hero, lobba, pumper, mangler and rok. dawn attack and my opponent goes first

 he moves up, the rok and pumper perilously close. lobba kills mine. 

I charge his pumper with a chariot, and rok with another. My savages and l1 are delayed by skarsnik, but that suits me, deploying on a flank to deal with the big squig unit and roll the flank of the main horde. Foot goes off, and neuters the small squig unit.
Chariot kills pumper, reform. Other one beats rok does a couple wounds and wins by charge, and runs it down!!!!!

Basically, from here, my savages tear up his squigs. Other unit dies to a solo troll. Hoppers charge a chariot, other one breaks em and runs em down, then goes onto kill lobba, which has killed all my waaghtillery by now. Mangla goes through savages with not much impact and does nothing else
So what happened to the two big units of gobbos? Why, the foot of gork. Kills a tonne. He bails his characters out, I foot off the bsb.


In the end he has skarsnik and a mangla left, and I win 17-3, brutal.

Game 3 was against the other de player there. Not as tough as james, but l4 with cloak on peg on death. YAY. Had bsb on cold one with ring, 50 spears, 3 rbts, hydra, 2x5 driders, and 9 cold one knights. im not sure what mission this was, or who went first

What i do know, is I lose this one thanks to the ring and psun. He used the ring correctly, both times I tried to cast foot his whole army was in range, first cast, roll double ones, roll a 7 for miscast. Doesn’t go off. Second cast, double ones, cascade down the hole, he stops the spell. Blast. I king hit his hydra t1 with a rock lobba tho lol. i couldnt believe it, the amount of times ive run that blasted ring on my own delves, and nothing like that. wah

So then he flies around casting purple sun every turn until his mage dies. I make no secret of my displeasure, which is fair enough. in his defense, its the right thing to do, and ive been known to dabble in the dark arts too from time to time. still

Trolls all die, trukk dies, bsb gets sniped, warmachines get taken out, general on one wound, I bail him into the savages, and put them in a building. That and the spider boss is all ive got left, fuck you and your purple sun, im hiding in a building.

like the first game, I get a wound on l4 with dd, she wounds herself from miscast, and then, oh dear, and then, I get the orc sig spell off, wounds her, dead. actually the first time i think ive ever cast that spell, i kid you not. still, it ends up being a surprisingly narrow loss which i cant remember the score of
Last game is vs the only woc list there. Tz l4 with 3++ on disc, bsb on foot, l2 on foot, 16 twar with halberds, 2 chariots, horsemen, dogs and 5 knights.

I go first and dd off 4/5 knights. My chaff charges his and mine wins, get a wound off l4 with dd. He moves up and does some treasons. 

 i get a cheeky spiderboss in the flank of a chariot, holding and blocking the other one. other troll chaffs, but doesnt die, rallying in my turn in front of the big troll unit

 which is actually a really good thing, when his twar charge the single troll, looking to overrun into troll unit that both chariots have gone into. Fail fear, and troll holds!

i lose a troll or two and reform out the way, and spew both chariots off.  hand the savages to the rear, trukk goes in the front of the warriors, wins and runs em down.

Hes only got disclord left looking nervous, and it’s a 16-4 to me.
good times. ended up coming 3rd of all things, despite only having 44 pts. the others were miles ahead of me, the winner fielding one of THOSE wood elf lists that seem to dominate tournaments around here. 
so thats it for now, stay tuned for next time, which will probably be the axemaster write up.

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