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Shirts off at face off + updates

gidday fam,

so face offz been and gone, and what a blast! two thumbs up for the dwellers; excellent spot with all the right things at hand, tightly run, and free stuff for all. three thumbs. well done to our very own sexy jerk greg, coming 2nd overall with not only a list written by someone else, but one of the highest comp scores there. a link to come here shortly. and well done to sam the mincer morgan for taking it out. more on that shortly. heres some to'ing

and an excellent lord of change conversion

so while having a good time, i could see my own stinklines, having the dubious honour of the lowest woc comp there. i ran:

l4, motz, disc, scroll, 2+3++, cshield, 3rd eye, breath weapon

l1 fire, skull of katam
exalted bsb, motz, bdmount, g/w, 1+/3++

5 hounds
16 motz warriors, fc, hws, sodisc
2x monchariots

chim, bad breath and regen
1 mon gorebeast

4 crushers, muso and e/w

now ya'll have to bear with me, this was a couple weeks ago, ive been caught up in something else. some fast and loose batreps.

so game 1 was against norto's bretts. a chap id chatted to at melton, but not had the chance to play. he had 2x3 pegs, 2x5 mounted yeomen, 2x10 archers with all the bits, two trebs, 4 grail knights, and two kotr lances, chock full of characters, with a hkb in the bigger one. battleline, and in all missions there are vps for table quarters and deployment zones.

he prays and I go first. On the bottom my bsb goes off on his own adventures, aiming for a treb. Hellcannon does the first of 3 2" scatters, killing a couple knights from the smaller lance. Magic does nothing, and in return, he moves up. Pegs fly all the way up, looking to muck about with the crushers. His trebs begin to misfire.

My turn 2, and I charge the pegs in the flank with a chariot. Seeing the superlance bearing down on em, the crushers do a sneaky reform, leaving the pegs blocking the flank, and having the lance in the front, with no overrun into the hellcannon. I continue to knock off a few knights a turn with the hellcannon, as the l4 pointlessly breathes on the smaller lance. No magic of note, but chim makes an appearance on the top flank, wary of the flaming peasants, going after the grails. Takes a couple of goes, but he gets em. Bsb gets his treb and turns around, ready to do laps of the table.

In go the knights, and the crushers die horribly. More misfires from his last treb.

Turn 3 and I get the gateway I want off, vapourising the smaller lance and the characters bail out. Bsb goes into some peasant archers, and I start to circle around other lance

I mop up some chaff characters, l4 gets the treb and other archers, then finally the cavalry gets in, hellcannon dies to a hkb, but gorebeast, bsb and warriors connect.

Bsb makes some ward saves in a challenge, I do well and run the unit down, to the tune of an 18-2.

norto is a great dude and im glad to get the chance to play him. A good start!

Next up was meeting engagement vs woodies. Was playing against a newer player, not sure if hed even played woc before. Boy was he in for a treat. Hes got two med units of archers, a waystalker in a building, eagle, druthu, a unit of 20 some dryads, wild riders, 20 waywatchers, and some sisters I think.

He goes first and chaffs my crushers with an eagle, shooting doesn’t do too much, maybe taking a few wounds off a chariot/crushers. He flees with the eagle, and I happily redirect into his archers, killing one and overrunning into the bunker. Druthru comes in for revenge and gets killed after I gateway a couple wounds. Chariots connect with waywatchers and wardancers, and bsb moves up to get into building to get waystalker.

Hellcannon thins out one unit of waywatchers, and l4 and chim move to double bad breath the dryads

Long story short, loads of elves are dead for a loss of a chariot, and I finish off the last couple of units with magic, and it’s a 20-0 to me

full credit to my opponent here, bit of a vicious tabling. two of which now put me on table 2, flying perilously close to the sun.

the sun in this case was game 3 against that food processor sam morgan, and his bretts. Food processor? Yes, because I get thoroughly diced. Hes got 3x3 pegs, two trebs, some archers, and two lances, again chock full of characters, some of which have hkb. Battle for the pass and sam goes second, as my turn achieves nothing. i think?

I respoind with chariots in the face, to little result. I hold back waiting for a chance to counter.

I deal with some pegs, but lances start connecting, and we have two solid turns of sam making literally every single armour and ward save. 

Everyone. I pick up a handfull of dice, and all that comes out of my clenched fist is dust. full credit to sam here tho, he does the right things, and has great dice.

Game swings dramatically in his favour, and he cleans up with little loss.

So frustrating, it’s a shame im a fan of sams, would have been much easier to grumble about it if I wasn’t lol. Cant remember what the end score was, probably a 15-5 his way at least.

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth - and a 2k bar tab drank in ten minutes by thirsty nerds, I go home for an early night with melted, waxy wings. not a euphemism.
Game 4 is against aaron graham, and his he. Hes basically got a gunline with a small unit of white lions. Not a great match up. 
Battleline and I think he goes first, moves back, and casts heavens magic. I move up, get shot, and fail panic tests.

Here we can see aarons impression of him appearing from under the to's desk in the morning, after coming back from town the night before and sleeping on the floor under the desk.

More failed charges and panics, eventually hellcannon gets a direct hit and pastes the white lions, with the crushers connecting with the remains eventially, overrunning into a bolt thrower, then running off the board, only to get shot to bits when they reappear. 

here i take my shoes off in exasperation. more shooting and magic and failed panic tests

Here aaron applauds my cunning by hiding my chim all game, only to come out on t6 to flames some sisters.

Hellcannon misfires and explodes last turn, and its another loss to me, no idea what the score was here. Disappointing, but he did the right thing here

Game 5 was against the only lizo player there, who had a sig spell slann, some priests, big unit of temple guard, saurus, and krox, and some chaff.

Meeeting engagement again I think, and I go first, successfully casting treason on his rus next to the board edge, only for my hellcannon to misfire and explode again, this time t1. from here it really went downhill.

 I didn’t enjoy this game very much, not just on account of the bad luck, but also due to my opponent not being able to hear me the whole time for some reason, or see what I was rolling, as he had lost his glasses. It became very frustrating quickly.

So I fail a bunch of charges, one with the crushers that leave the flank exposed, and the krox roll em.

Bsb and chim both die to a rus block they cant break, and Ive all but thrown in the towel.

A substantial loss to me, and a sour taste in the mouth. what can you do? brush your teeth.

Game 6 was against ogres, with a non frustrating opponent. Hes got a solid ogre list, slaughtermaster and butcher with hellheart, bsb, big blocks of ogres and guts, 4 maneaters, pair of dogs, one cannon, thundertusk and stonehorn. May have been a dawn attack game.  

My opponent goes first, misfires the cannon, leaving it unable to shoot for a couple turns. Chim goes for it in my turn, placing himself so tha cannon cant escape. My magic phase is a cracker, getting 16 s11 gateway against his thundertusk who gets taken off.

A chariot runs into his stonehorn and actually does a couple wounds and wins, but stonehorn hollds. I kill a pair of dogs, while maneaters move around to engage hellcannon. 

 T2 he engages hellcannon, eventually killing it after a game long grind. Hhe kills the chariot with the stonehorn. My turn I gateway off the stonehorn and the hunter on top, chim beats cannon, but doesn’t catch, but does get him eventually. Bsb turns aroudn and comes back to support hellcannon after chariot beats and runs down the bulls thanks to a treason

His guts make a charge onto crushers, who are toast. A gorger appears to block my warriors. I bail out the l1, keeping out of easy hellheart range, and dance the l4 around.

That’s pretty much how it ends up, he tries a t6 hellheart but falls short. Ends up a 12-8 my way 

In the end I come around middle of the pack, with my comp 6/60 (I think) not helping. Serves me right huh? The rest of our lot didn’t fair a lot better, apart from mr 2nd place greenfield and his 100 bloodletter friends. But yeah, good times, although now im back at work full time, these whole weekend tournies are less appealing than before unfortunately 

so after this, i put my warriors on the shelf and finish some more empire

then i immediately pulled out the long awaited vc and started clippin'

little help from the better half and the next day, less sprues!

 loads of magnetised bases too. the following weekend, its a bit more assembled and undercoated

 so loads of painting to do once i get this airbrush up and running. got a -semi- write up of this weekend's 6 player 18k triumph and treachery, so stayed tuned for that and take your shirt off

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  1. That is one impressive de-spruing and assembling right there! Cant wait to see some close ups of the rank fillers/conversions etc etc

    Joel v...or is it?