Sunday, 22 December 2013

Shirts off in melton

Alright, so got some more de gaming, this time from a 2400 no comp one dayer in melton/.
now ive been caught out at these no comp events before here in oz, which depending on the location can attract some of the bigger fish, and sat was no exception. and when they say no comp, they mean it. i spent all last week puzzling over a list, and in the end took the de:

l4 cloaky deathpeg, earthing rod

bsb, 2+ rr as, somight
l2, metal, scroll

3x5 driders, rxb, shields & muso
20 rxb, fc boef

5 harpies
30 exes
8 shades, g/w

2x5 warlocks

i really wanted to take a salty woc list, but opted for the flying death l4 with a better ward. good thing too, given there were 3 light councils there lol.

so first game was against one of the aformentioned light councils, lead by none other than james brett. dawn attack, left to right he had a cannon with engineed, walter, then demis and knight bus in the centre. on our right hes got detachments of archers with wizards all over the show, a blaster, and a stank. not sure who went first

 i shoot his cannon on the left, chaff up on the right, and feed the stank warlocks on the right. the s4 banishments from the walter didnt worry deathpeg

james fails a couple charges with the knights, and i cant seem to scratch him with my shooting, with a couple bad turns on my part. my left flank swings around after killing the engineer

 in the end he gets through all the chaff and shooting in the centre, while the stank gets stuck on some locks, my exes counter and chop it up. finally get a searing doom on the knights, coupled with shooting halve em. shades let rip on a small xbow bunker unit, sending it fleeing with a wizard on board

both of our last turns were ridiculous, with him managing to banish off my deathpeg, but i sdoom off the rest of his knights, then charge the bsb past his blocking whunter, charging his fleeing unit off the board, then overrunning into the hellblaster and killing it, panicking his main bunker with all his wizards off the board. a great game, and a draw for my first round

next up i was facing the father of lies himself, nick hoen. he had bought along his lizo, and had the biggest deathstar pts wise there i think, moreso that either of the ogre players lol
he had 3 or 4 small skink units, a medium cohort with 3 krox and tetto ekko, then 63 temple guard with a party slann and a pair of scar vets. i rolled up both final trans and purple sun and went first.

to his credit, i think he only took this particular list to grudge ivan in the first round. he did definaltey take the final trans in the first turn, purple sun in the second, and shooting in both on the chin as he moved it forward, noting that no comp is a bitch sometimes. 

 by the time that unit failed a charge in t3, there was a scar vet, champ and std, and slann alive, both characters having taken wounds from death snipes earlier. i go in with a horde of untouched executioners and mop up

 i did end up losing my deathpeg in the last turn from poor positioning, and a rbt to the scroxes whom i didnt kill, but was able to clean up most the chaff and stop his magic all game giving me a 17-3
good times, a stiff upper lip from hoen, and a fortunate match up for me

last game was against george and his helves. another tough list, he had alith boo-nar, alarielle, bsb with that banner in a unit of 26ish wlions, 3x5 reavers, 2x6 helms on each flank, two rbts and a frostie. i go first

manage to shoot off the frostie, and start taking wounds offa his chaff. 

i win the chaff battle and clear all of his off, along with everything thats not in the deathstar. in the mean time his sits in a forest, buffs himself and generally makes it impossible to kill anything with shooting due to some special character bollocks. did i roll final trans? yes. did i get it off once? no

and he makes it in on my t5. i did get a double soulblight on em and only lose the combat by a smidge, but i cant kb or wound anything from his ridiculous ward save and lose big the next round after his magic phase of buff-age

end up being a 12-8 against. another enjoyable game against a great opponent, albeit a lil frustrating for me. and special characters, bleugh. but then it is no comp and i cant complain lol.

ended up in the middle of the road, well done to lachy the other de player who won it, and thanks again to d6 for another 1 dayer. next up some de updates, along with some plans of world domination! so stay tuned for more, soon

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