Monday, 16 December 2013

Shirts off dark elves + Satsow

gidday gang,

long time, i know, and my apologies. lots on tho, a lot of it warhammer lol.
first up, well done to that ol rat pete dunn for taking out the nz masters. as much of a fist clenching/leg crossing horror story of his army out the back of the car afterwards was, it was still nice to hear him call his skaven broken.
badum-tish. too soon, im sorry

next: last few empire things are done. well, nearly all. still a couple pegs left.

and heres an in action shot with their new owner. so long and good luck my mundane human (and giant chicken) friends, i enjoyed painting you.

will get some better group photos in the future.

but lo, and behold! the mystery box has birthed a seething mass of sprue!

it really never ends. we are looking at the beginnings of my long ruminated vc list, coming to an update near you soon! giant bases and wings are a lil spoiler

but as per the title of this evenings post, ive been all over the delves lately. have clocked up quite a number of games with various incarnations of lists instead of blogging. i had been batrepping them all, but soon had too many, and some were too old. sob. but rest assured, there will be plenny more soon. got some much needed reinforcements a couple weeks ago

heres some now looking something around half done

good times. couldnt help myself at the 2nd hand table at mind games, make sure you always have a scratch around when you're there!

good thing ive got some spare executioner swords. so now ive got 40 welves, 36 exes and 30 rxbs, and alls i need now is an excuse to come at you! and an excuse to paint them all lol.

but yeah, lots of games at home lately, but went out to melton a couple weekends ago for a 2k one dayer. cant remember the name, but good times and im massively envious of their space. i also did the unthinkable and lost a rxbman out there, which was subsequently un-lost by them. thanks guys!

anyway, 2k de list was something like l4 life, bsb on foot, cloaky pegman, l1 metal, 2 units of rxb, one flaming, 2x5 driders, harpies, 4 rbts, 25ish exes, and of course the warlocks. no comp no friends!
first game was bftp vs ben leopolds teclis he. my first time vs the new book teclis. he had a bsb, beasts mage, wlions with that banner, archers, 3 rbts, and lots of small shelms and princes

we trade chaff and warmachines, and throw dwellers at each other. teclis dodges mine, and i throw some low dice on the exes when he gets me. cloaky pegman ends up going through all the rbts

then time for the tumbleweed showdown. he shoots my exes, i regrow em, i run out of shooting and offensive magic, but dont have the numbers to win that grind. so i stay put

he goes in on the last turn and much bloodshed was had, but no pts given i think. a narrow loss and a 12-8 to ben.

next was dawn attack vs hes. hes got l2r med sized sowrdies off screenish, 10 archers, massive unit of sea guard in the centra, maybe with a wizo?, dprince bus on the other side of the building, with archers and a beasts mage on his far right. i vanguard and go first

pick on the sea guard with shooting, and lose a unit of driders in return. cloaky pegman flies in to snipe the mage on the right who rolled amber spear. i then cycle units through the building, and start picking on the left hand flank

by this point ive nearly shot all the dprinces. maybe 1 left?

his shooting panics the warlocks, and his mounted characters take care of cloaky pegman.

i dwellers his swordies to 5, and overrun into the rear with driders after killing his archers.

after that, everything went back to the right, and i shot literally everything else the board. pew pew for a 19 my way i think.

next was that fiesty spaniard ivan, and his fiesty doc. hes got 3 flies, beast, 4 units of horrors, beast, 5 beasts, thirster, and stink cannon. blood and glory, and one of us goes first

i pick off a few wounds here and there, while ivan shows me and ben what he thinks of water bottles. i throw caution to the wind and cloaky pegman flanks the thirster. turns out ivan didnt know about that whole d3 wounds thing with the cloak. turns out i failed my fear test, and didnt hit. i did win first round by 1, and i did stick around for a couple turns of combat though, which is an ok result, all things considered.

here i if a dwellers on his beasts, kill 1, and lose dwellers. and the thirster is free to charge. i dont know why the exes were so far upo to start with. or my whole army tbh

the inevitable happens, and im one wound away from being steadfast. damn beasts. i also choose to hold my warlocks back till its too late in order to magic his rot flies

and its a big loss to me, to the tune of 18-2. what can you do, i played like a bit of a dummy, and now have played ivan a couple times without result. i blame his cologne, and tiny potatoes.

last game was meaty engagement vs james's ethereal vc list. i was in deep trouble for this matchup and just decided to play like an idiot instead. he got kemmler, a couple more characters, core chaff, 3 s/hosts, 2xhexes and a ghiest. i have one magic weapon, and enchanted blades.

for some reason i try snipe kemmler and get a unit champ instead. i had to set rbts up forward to get any los worth having. theres some conga lining exes to protect a rbt. oh the madness

he gets most of my stuff, although i doombolt a spirit host, and get a sneaky enchanted blades on a rxb unit, doing just enough wounds to wipe a unit out. and no, couldnt get a dwellers on his bunker. still had exes, bsb and a boltie left.

so there we go. not a stunning display from yours truly, but hey, havent you read my blog before?
well done to ivan for taking it out though, and get out to d6's new place, its awesome.

so what else, aside from all this delfing??? more!
this time in the form of satsow! (second actual tournament shirts off warhammer) thanks to ryan and damian over at gw melbourne for the lendz of some terrain.

2400 pts, 4 games, one stinking hot saturday. i thought i was just to'ing, and was planning on getting toe up all day, since i didnt have to play. but then i ended up gumbying at the last minute. no problems, i thought. i can still drink this bottle of rum. spoiler alert? lets see

first game was dawn attack vs von daemonovski's fatties. we played 4 turns in an hour then he had to pop off for an auction. 

ended up a draw. now as the day progressed and sun came over the yardarm, i became more and more determined to just push it forward. i thought i was playing my woc, clearly.
next up! ivan's doc

basically tore me a new bumhole. its worth noting though, that 13 flaming welves will just beat a unit of 3 beasts. i lose big and dont take any photos. batrepped!

you know those tiny shorts fellas, next up is gentile and his he. i may have deployed defensively - and actually left clear los for my rbts - but its still all push it forwardhammer!

except in a blinding flash of light, it all goes horribly right! corsairs make it through the unit of 30 sisters after they shoot all my precious exes, and into the dprince character bus, where my assassins go apeshit

cant remember the score, but it wasnt too big of a win tho.

then last game, right in the sunny patch, greg and his stealth de!

i kill some stuff, but dont set up defensive or concentrate fire on the monsters. the result is a pair of wounded monsters killing my shit

i do nab the dragon with exes in the end, but to no avail. i also stupidly forget to reveal the last assassin in the remains of the sairs before he shoots em all off. unforgivable that one, if i was sober.

and its a giant steamy pile of win for greg. graaaaag

then it was time to mash the computer to determine who would be taking home our wonderful prizes, and well done to johannes in 3rd, greg in 2nd, and none other than hoen in the top spot. well done guys, and thanks for everyone for coming along

so, lots been going on. heading out to melton on sat for another uncomped 1 dayer, so batreps from that next, will be more comprehensive this time lol. then, well theres plenty more my friends, believe.

so until next time, stay tuned - and shirts off


  1. The 2nd hand table at Mind Games is a trap. It was covered in Empire models once upon a time, and look what happened to me...

    1. so thats how you digivolved! i will have to be careful there in future, im already running out of space for spare stuff