Sunday, 20 April 2014

Shirts off at crossroads - part 2

so finally got round to getting all the army photos + other stuff posted, but i havent been idle nerdwise lately. been playing a lot of games with my woc monogod lists without much success, and went out to western smash this weekend, but more on that later.

so first up is john ho's vc. johns a great dude, and really put in some mad work on his army + display board. ended up winning one of the painting prizes

i really liked his lotr gobbos as ghouls, and fw fimurs as crypt horrors

heres chris slye's he. another awesome dude, chris ended up winning overall and i regret not taking more photos of his army

some of mr b's cdwarves. needs more war machines tony

 my first round opponent's ong. really nicely painted and nice touch on the troll bases

was quite a fan of these trolls


 i think this ong army won best or fav painted. thats a big squig

 and some of the photos of my 4th round opponents ogres. my vote for fav army

every single one had mad gs'ing. respect

heres a lil hero of change i made for dave

and some horrors i helped paint

and tony's helves that i also helped paint

in particular the archers and reavers

happy to help. got out to the slye lair (local gw) a couple times for some games too. here ive tweaked my list slightly, just character kit outs mainly, but was trying dark magic for the first time. stuck my sorceresses drider body guard in front of too much shooting trying to get a 40" black horror down his lines. got dispelled lol

never mind. next i tried out the improved bangbus of 4 characters and 6 lox vs 14 shelms and a bsb. bangbus wins!

then i finish shooting off 20 phoenix guard and its a draw

played a couple times against dave, i regret not taking photos of the first game, where the old bangbus went through 5 drones, took 6 fiends in the flank when i overran into horrors, and killed both units. i hadnt rolled purple sun and thought i was in for a drubbing. hilarious
second game was less hilarious, i decided not to take death and instead took dark.

 black horror'd and shot off his screamers, but an early final trans on the bangbus not only killed my dlord, but a noble and 3 lox also. damn those smooth hands. so i hid them in the corner while my l4 bunker got reign of chaos'd off the table with a 3d6 ld test and failed rally. obviously i was not happy, so had a lil retail therapy and made myself a new bdmount bsb lol

so there we have it, 23 hours of travel back home later. next is a write up from this weekends western smash tourney, and some woc monogod thoughts. until next time

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